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I was only being a bitch cause i was acting like a bitch


How are you going to be picky about your dogs food when you don’t even provide yourself with proper nutrition.

The airmen of the week on the base billboard is so black it’s more like “who’s that Pokemon”.

So wait…
I’m really confused about this whole “pink slime” thing. Basically it’s ground up animal parts (connective tissue and ligaments) that are disinfected with ammonia and then mixed in with meat as a filler to lower the fat content.
….And people are getting pissy about it.
So.. You’d rather have bacteria infested meat? Or would you rather just waste the left over animal parts all together? So much for this bullshit sustainable hippie movement that’s going around. Back in the day people ate the entire animal, they ate the ligaments and bones and used the skin and horns for clothes and tools. I understand wanting to get what you are buying, like if you buy a bicep you’d want just a bicep, not a bicep and some thigh. But we don’t need to get our undies in a bundle. Animal connective tissue isn’t nasty doo doo poopy meat that is sub-par and not fit for our royal mouths. It’s a part of the animal. Eat it. Eat like your non-deodorant wearing hippie ass should.


So majestic


I want to live here so I can climb out my window and hang out on that balcony thing with my dog and we’ll drink coffee and play board games together

What about a job? What will you do for employment?

Note to self: 2 cups of coffee does not justify emailing your command executive captain an email stating the reason why you where sending him a blank roster was “for reasons”.

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On a different note, I really want to start raising dairy goats. I guess this is sort of a homage to my failure to breast feed but I really want to have cute little dairy goats that provide milk for the fam bam.
But I’m a little concerned about how many goats I’m about to have in my life. Goats are herd animals to obviously I’ll need to start out with two. I’ll probably get 3 cause I like to keep things feng shui. But in order to have milk ya gotta get them preggo. And goats have 2-4 babies at a time… So basically if I get 3 goats, get one preggo, I’ll suddenly have probably 6 goats. You can sell the goats for a pretty penny if they are lady goats but if I have male babies id be in a pickle because boys are smelly and mean and no one likes to buy them, plus they alter the lady goats milk flavor if kept in the same pen. So what if I can’t sell my babies? What if I don’t want to sell my cute widdle goatsy babies? Ok probably shouldn’t say “goatsy” lol. But then what? If I want milk the next year I gotta get one preggo again, and boom, suddenly I have 9 or 10 goats. I’d have a fucking waka flocka flock of goats. I mean is goat selling hard? I’d be so sad if they made my goat babies into baby goat burgers. I keep hearing about people “downsizing their herd”. Bleh, I wish I could go talk to someone who has goats and knows the struggle.


"Here’s your list of friends in the order they died."

Battle Royale (2000)

Soooooooo my EPR is about to close out and I got a firewall 5… But my chief is trying to dock me in the education section. I supervisor put “clearly exceeds” cause I took 1 college class last semester, but my chief doesn’t think 1 class merits “clearly exceeding”.

Ok. I get that 1 class isn’t outrageously amazing, but unlike 99% of the airmen in this sq I actually am taking classes to get a degree instead of just taking them for shits and giggles. Plus, I was fucking pregnant last semester, with my first child. So not only was I working 9 hours shifts on a daily while 41 weeks pregnant but I was also in school. No no I get it, you’re right sir, I should have totally taken a full course load, I was clearly being lazy by only taking 1 class. Oh wait, I forgot I also JUST finished my CDCs so I was only allowed to take 1 class…. No, but you are right, I didn’t clearly exceed standard, I’m mistaken.



i just witnessed a boy calling a vagina a penis flytrap please set me on fire